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    Criminal Minds: Things Are Not Back to Normal 2011/9/25 14:15:55

    criminal mindsCBS established crime series Criminal Minds Season 7 is returning. As to this series, the Hotch actor Thomas Gibson said everything is different from before.

    "The sh-- hit the fan basically. And you can quote me on that!" he tells the journalists. "But the great thing is now we feel more reenergized than ever. There's a whole fresh energy on set and we're all really excited for this year."

    How could it not be exciting? CBS chased away our beloved A.J. Cook and Paget Brewster, and invited Rachel Nichols; and this year CBS asked the formal two persons back and chased the latter away, so the BAU seven personalities are together this year. As said by Gibson, “We are meant to be like this.”

    The end of 6th season mentioned JJ again, and in Season 7 Prentiss will rise up – Formally Hotch and JJ helped her pretend to die, to escape from IRA member Ian Doyle’s pursuit. Now Morgan makes Doyle explore new life again. “Currently she has only one way to be herself,” said Gibson, “that’s why something will happen to her.”

    Let’s leave aside relationship matters for a time, because Gibson hopes for the humorous aspects of the cool Hotch this year. One of his favorite scene is that in the last year Hotch said sarcastically Reid’s hairstyle is like back street boy. “It’s not in the script, but when Matthew went in with his new hairstyle, we are thinking how we can make fun of him lightly. It’s more funny when Hotch did it “ He said, “That’s great, and I even hope he do more things like this.”

    “You know, it’s not easy for us all last year (inside or outside the screen),” Gibson said, “but things will improve this year, I hope he can add more smiles, and it can’t be more suitable for him to do so.”

    Criminal Minds Season 7 will premiere Sep 21th.

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